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Blockchain Payment Solution Roxe Announces Plan to Go Public

Roxe, a blockchain infrastructure company that powers the next generation of payment solutions, has announced its plan to go public by the end of the year.

Roxe’s blockchain offers a multilateral payment channel that supports multiple assets, including currency, gift cards, gaming coins, loyalty rewards, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and CBDC, creating an ideal experience for the everyday customer.

“By leveraging the immense power of blockchain technology, Roxe is aiming to change how the world transacts, interacts, and banks,” said Maodong Xu, Chairman of Roxe. “Taking Roxe public is a major step in enabling us to bring a whole new generation of innovative solutions to the global payment space, making the future of payments efficient, affordable, and driving financial inclusion.”

Since its launch in June of 2020, Roxe has partnered with over 38 companies including Rana Express and iPay, expanded to 114 countries and is available to exchange over 50 currencies.



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