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The proposer and pioneer of the Industry- focused AI,
the creator of life service

Adversity hardship is the least favorite but most precious gift every successful person receives in his or her life.

Maodong Xu

This is me

Growing up in a small fishing village on the coast of China, at the age of 26, I started my own business and made it one of the largest supermarket in my province. 

Now I live in the US with my family, a Labrador, and continue to be active in the internet and blockchain space.

My Tags

 Entrepreneur   Venture Capitalist 
 Technology   Blockchain 

 Capital Market   Corporate Management 

 Visionary   Inventor   Philanthropist 


I have invested in close to 200 technology companies, including a world's leading VR headset manufacturer,  the largest Chinese e-copyright agency publisher, a leading mobile game developer and operator, a leading big data company, the largest shared kitchen in China etc.

At the age of 28, I founded DotAd, an SMS enterprise application company that sent out the first SMS notification of bank card balance change in China, and the company grew to become the largest SMS enterprise application company in China, with over 60% of the market in China.

In 2006, the company was acquired by NASDAQ-listed Focus Media for $30M and renamed Focus Wireless, which launched China's first 2.5G-based mobile Internet advertising network.

Founded Lmobile in 2008, received venture capital from softbank asia and zero2IPO, the company became the largest mobile newspaper and mobile MMS advertising network platform in China, and was acquired by Telstra for $159M in early 2010.

Founded wowo in 2010, received $100M investment from DHG and other institutions, the company became the leader and pioneer of life service e-commerce in China, the company was listed on Nasdaq in 2015, market capitalization reached $1B.

Founded Galaxy internet in 2015, which was once the leading industrial internet group in China, valued at $1.9B

I am also the inventor of more than ten patents. 

In 2017, together with Jack Ma, I was awarded as one of the top ten newsmakers in China, and also awarded the special talent for technology innovation from Beijing Government.


In my spare time, I like to to engaging in charitable activities in the field of education and have sponsored more than a dozen students of outstanding character who attended prestigious schools such as Harvard, Tsinghua and Peking University, as well as donated to my own high school alma mater and other schools.

I graduated from Wuhan University of Technology and attended Tsinghua University EMBA, Tsinghua University and University of Minnesota DBA program.


Past Founded Companies & Investments

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